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June 9 , 2019
5 - 9 PM

(4-5 VIP Early Entrance)

The Exactech Arena 
at the Stephen C. O'Connell Center

chef Bailey

Phillip Bailey-Anderson, Public & General

Give a brief history of your culinary background:  
I've been cooking for about 15 years. I got my start in at Eastside High School in the culinary program. I moved on to attend Johnson and Wales University to study Culinary arts. I've had the opportunity to work for many restaurants over my career, most notably Disney World Resorts, Gotham Steak at the Foutaiebleau in Miami, Michelin 1 star Blackbird in Chicago and Au Cheval also in Chicago. Currently I'm the Chef de Cuisine of Public & General here in Northeast Gainesville. 

Describe your style of cooking: I cook American contemporary cuisine with a focus on regional vegetables. 

What got you started in the culinary field? /What led to your love of food and passion for being in the kitchen?  
In my family everyone cooks! I always helped my grandmother and mother in the kitchen. My mom actually suggested I try the Institute of Culinary Arts out at Eastside for a year when i was a freshman. Chef Billie DeNunzio pushed me to keep exploring restaurants around Gainesville and I've been in professional kitchens ever since. 

What are your favorite memories in the kitchen? My Grandmother baking Pies for the community during  holiday season. Smells of Apple and Sweet Potato Pie would fill the house from November to January.

Who has been the greatest influence on your cooking and why?  
I would have to say I've learned a ton from every single person that I have worked with, but Chef David Posey taught me how to have style while showing techniques that make food sing.

What are your three signature dishes – please give a description of each: 

Dish 1: Beer-Onion Bread with Pickles and Chicken Liver Pate. 

Dish 2: Whole Roasted Cauliflower in Garlic Butter with Smoked Marcona Almonds, Golden Raisin Puree , Arugula and Brown Butter Sauce

Dish 3: Roasted Duck with fennel and peaches macerated with Honey- BourbanVingrette, and Urfa Pepper cream

What are your strengths in the kitchen? I keep a cool head and can cook my out of a jam.

How would you describe yourself in one word? Driven

What is something that we would be surprised to learn about you? I dance while i cook.

What is your definition of “comfort food”? Anything with Rice.

What dish does your family/friends request most often from you? Egg Rolls

What do you like to eat when you are at home? Sandwiches

What are you passionate about outside of the kitchen? Collecting Vinyl, cars, going to the springs, eating, playing with my dogs, riding my bike.

List a few hobbies, interests, activities etc. that you enjoy: Gaming, Reading, getting tattoo'd, eating, movies, listening to music

Why should you be chosen to represent Greater Gainesville in the 2019 Iron Chef competition? I love competition and cooking under pressure. Doing both in Gainesville for charity that supports the community is a dream come true. I would be very honored to compete in my home town.